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通訳翻訳テクノロジー研究プロジェクト第一回会合のお知らせ [通訳翻訳テクノロジー研究プロジェクト]

以下の要領にて、日本通訳翻訳学会『第一回 通訳翻訳テクノロジー研究プロジェクト』

第1回 通訳翻訳テクノロジー研究プロジェクト会合

【日時】2014年2月22日(土)13:00 - 16:45
【場所】立教大学 M202 (マキムホール(15号館))
熊野 明(東芝ソリューション株式会社)
Tony Hartley (東京外語大)



【発表者】熊野 明

【発表者】Tony Hartley
【題目】Translation Technologies: Reflections on Curriculum Design
【要旨】Does hands-on experience with translation technologies (TTs) such as machine translation (MT) and translation memory (TM) have a place in a translation studies curriculum, even if the programme’s aims are not vocational? I will argue that it does, in that the use of TTs actually foregrounds the central question of translation theory: To what extent is text T an acceptable translation of original O? Moreover, providing a convincing answer requires us to present explicit – and preferably operationalisable – metrics for translation quality evaluation. In addition, it opens up important new avenues of research into the impact of these tools of the trade on practice and product.
I will further argue that the starting point in the curriculum should not be the features of the tools themselves, but the requirements and constraints of the translation process: delivering a translation of a specified quality Q by a specified deadline D at a specified price P. Given that many of today’s TT tools are multi-functional – e.g., incorporating both MT and TM – the students’ task can be cast as establishing which available configuration of tools and human intervention best satisfies the Q-D-P constraints of a particular job.
The talk is based on my pedagogical use of commercial MT since 1986 and of TM since 1992. If time permits, I will demonstrate some TTs.



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